AI will open up the possibilities that the economy and humankind will achieve remarkable growth together.

AI is changing business with the major impact that is comparable to the appearance of computer technology in the second half of the 20th century.

The world of AI is extraordinarily diverse.

Today, in this digital age, we cannot be a winner simply by meeting the technical requirements.

We can create greater value by understanding various related technologies and integrating them into solutions.The way of cooperating between human and computer, and the way of interaction between organization and consumer have been beginning to amazing change by integrating of various technologies including Cloud and advanced analytics.

The secret is "person "


The one who becomes the leader in Artificial Intelligence field will be the ruler of the world. However, we believe that the technology should be shared, not monopolize.

The future we desire

GBT (Green Box Token) is a cryptocurrency using blockchain technology and exists in the ARM network.

We always imagine a future that is no distinction between borders and currencies, people in the world have the freedom and equality, and live richly and peacefully.



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