Secret-keeping policy

Secret-keeping policy let you know how to use your personal information collecting from website by us. Please read secret-keeping policy carefully before you use the service or provide any personal information.

Article 1: The information of users have been collected and the method of collection.

In this policy, “ user information"means the information related to user recognition, action history on media services and other information made or accumulated relating to users or four-wire termination of users as smartphone, personal computer that we have been collected  based on policy.

User information have been collected by Company in this service will be figured as below based collecting method.

(1) The information has been provided by user

The following information has given to users who use this service.

· Name

· Email address

· Date of birth

· Sex

· Postal code

· Credit information

· The information that the users have provided when they have entered log-in form stipulated by the Company.

(2) The information that we have collected when the users use this service.

We can collect the information of access to this service and how to use it, including the following information:

· Audit history of this service

· Using history of this service

· Location information

. Contact

· The path to this service

. Specific IT of devices

. Four-wire termination information used

Article 2: Collecting the information of users and the purpose of usage

Our company would be able to use User information collected with the following purposes:

· Providing for our services

· Token verification, service verification

· Carring out some questionns for investigation

· Providing for score services

· For investigation, statistic, data analyse about marketting

· Advertising or spreading product of the Company and the third party.

· For exchange

· Using for other purposes stipulated specially in our service

· For dependently using purposes based on using purposes mentioned above

Article 3: Providing information for the third party

For personal information in the volume of user information exept legitimate reasons, for example when competent authorities have required to comply with  the regulations of legislation or the regulations have been allowed by the legislation,  we will then provide. In the case the users haven't allowed yet, we then haven't provided for the third party.

Article 4: Handling personal information

We aren't responsible for protecting personal information in the services of the third party linking from our services.

Article 5: Regarding revealing, editing and deleting personal information.

In the case we receive the request of providing, editing, deleting...information from the relating people, we will then verify, next we will have a quick feedback.

Article  6:  Updating terms of secret-keeping

We will change secret-keeping policy chronologically without notify to the customer. However, we will update again this website after change and take effect from the updating time.

Article  7: Relating contacts to user information

In case you have any question related to user information, please contact with us via email:

Addtional terms

Established on Setemper 21st 2017